As I woke this morning and meditated before I started my day, I reflected on thoughts that have been affecting me that I wanted to speak about! 

My heart mourns not only for the current events in France, my heart mourns for other world tragedies and catastrophic events that are currently taking place right now, that were prevalent yesterday, last week, and last year but we’ve seemed to have forgotten about them today. Continue reading


Sunday night, I had the opportunity to attend the Michael McDonald Concert held at the City National Grove of Anaheim! Mr McDonald has been a truly inspiring and gifted Artist for over 4 decades. The Grove of Anaheim is such an incredible Venue to see any concert, but more importantly, I witnessed and experienced a consummate eloquent vocalist, musician, and songwriter, who’s craft is completely perfected!  Continue reading

Ask yourself today, Who’s on your team? 

How big is your team, 2 or more people?

Who supports your goals, your endeavors, your vision, your dreams?

Whose on your starting lineup, and whose just on the roster? 

Who hustles for you, and always gives 100%, 

Who just warms the bench and takes up space? 

Whose been there in the past, who’s there right now, and who will be there in the future?  Continue reading


I’d like to thank KXLU 88.9 FM Los Angeles and the Dee Jay Express radio show hosted by Lil GQ, and the original E-Man, for their exclusive Live Broadcast interview with me last night! I had a blast and I’m grateful and honored that my music has been added to rotation. Continue reading

Check it out! 

Here’s another exclusive Live Broadcast interview this Sunday September 6th, 2015 on KXLU 88.9 FM Los Angeles. I’ll be broadcasting Live, pacific standard time, late night from 11:55pm till 2:00am Monday morning on the Dee Jays Express Radio Show, and they’ll be featuring songs from my album Real Life Issues. Continue reading