Ask yourself today, Who’s on your team? 

How big is your team, 2 or more people?

Who supports your goals, your endeavors, your vision, your dreams?

Whose on your starting lineup, and whose just on the roster? 

Who hustles for you, and always gives 100%, 

Who just warms the bench and takes up space? 

Whose been there in the past, who’s there right now, and who will be there in the future? 

Regardless of the many thoughts and answers that swirl through your mind, reflect on one thing that’s for certain, YOUR NOT ALONE, and you’ve Never Been Alone! 

You’ve always had a team throughout Life! You didn’t do this by yourself! 

Recognize the efforts by all you’ve encountered.

Rejoice in all of the people who have been part of your team in the past, rejoice in who’s currently on your team and rejoice in the new future Team Mates! 

Everything you’ve accomplished in life, and everything you will accomplish in the future is all due to the combined efforts of you & your Team! 

Now, I’d like to thank everyone I’ve encountered in my life who have helped me, supported me, defended me, offended me, defeated me, hurt me, lifted me, taught me, been indifferent to me, ignored me, believed in me, tolerated me, liked me, and loved me, for all of you, have positively impacted my life!

 I truly hope I’ve made a positive contribution to your team as well. 

Now I give the Greatest honor and thanks to my loyal Coach, my loyal Mentor, and my all time most prestigious all time loyal teammate MVP who’s always been there, “GOD”

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