This time last week I was on the other side of the world! I’m honored and so grateful for the experience, and I’d like to say thank you to Youbloom, and all of its staff and participating Venues, Artists, and Bands. 

I met some incredible musicians and had some life changing experiences. I’d also like to thank The BloomFest for allowing me to perform at their annual festival and most importantly, I’d like to thank the people of Dublin, and all of Ireland for embracing me not only just as an African American Artist, but truly as a man! 

Myself and my band were overwhelmed with your kindness, hospitality, and the way you embraced our music and craftsmanship. 

This musical journey that I just encountered only further solidified, that I’m doing exactly what I should be doing each and every day. And I realize more than ever, that I don’t have to try to sound like, look like, or be like anybody else in the music business, except myself, and in fact I’m not like anyone else and I’m ok with that. 

I also realize more and more that music is global and not just controlled by any specific country, corporation, or industry. 

Music of all genres are embraced globally regardless of how many followers or likes you have on social media, you just have to be willing to work hard at your craft, push yourself, and try to share your music and your message, and if you do that from the heart, I promise someone will listen. 

And to all my fellow Musicians and Artists, there’s a big world outside of your normal everyday environment, that is willing to embrace who you truly are as an individual, more than who you think you need to be as an emulator. You don’t have to bite, copycat, or sound like, or be like anyone other than yourself. 

I know that there is only one of me and there can be no other, and I’m comfortable just doing me! So just do you, or find out who you are and bring yourself into the light instead of blending into the shadows of others. 
Thank you Dublin for embracing me, my music,my voice, my band, and our message. We look forward to coming back and seeing you again soon!
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Listen to samples from Real Life Issues here

  1. Nothing Come Between Us BJ Smith 1:21
  2. "Want Me For Me" BJ Smith 1:21
  3. "Tip Of My Tongue" BJ Smith 1:21
  4. "Angie" BJ Smith 1:21
  5. "Set It On Fire" BJ Smith 1:21
  6. "Settle Down" BJ Smith 1:21
  7. "Time To Cry" BJ Smith 1:18
  8. "If There Is Love - Acoustic" BJ Smith 1:21
  9. "The Otherside" BJ Smith 1:21
  10. "Sorry" BJ Smith 1:21
  11. "If There Is Love" BJ Smith 1:21