Help me, I have a question


As I woke this morning and meditated before I started my day, I reflected on thoughts that have been affecting me that I wanted to speak about! 

My heart mourns not only for the current events in France, my heart mourns for other world tragedies and catastrophic events that are currently taking place right now, that were prevalent yesterday, last week, and last year but we’ve seemed to have forgotten about them today.

 People take note and think about the history and the plight of mankind! 

We must not forget, we need each other to survive and make a difference in our overall human existence. If we continue to destroy our planet, destroy animal life, and most importantly destroy each other, then what’s left? What’s left in the universe of our legacy? What’s left with this great planet earth and the great species of Humans?

 We tend to allow ourselves to get caught up, fixated, or preoccupied on whatever is current or relative within our own personal lives, or within our current mindset. That mindset is often dictated by a whole slew of issues pertaining to our mood, our race, our personal, economical, emotional, religious, geographical, and cultural current state or relative circumstances. It’s hard for us to see beyond the tip of our own nose at times, due to our day to day activities that make up our lives. We’re all living out our own personal agendas, and everything is a reflection of that. Truly, it’s all about our life, or my kids, my car, my race, my friends, my religion, my God, my house, my neighborhood, my City, my Country, etc. 

We always place mine or us first, and everything else 2nd, 3rd, or 99th on the list. Now, this is actually a normal natural human phenomenon and reaction towards being in touch with self, reality, and living in the moment. But, we still must ask ourselves is it always the right thing to do? Does this make us desensitized to the rest of the world? There has always been a struggle between the haves, and the have nots. That concept alone keeps us all stuck and bitter amongst each other. We’re all guilty of this. Most of us feel like if I had this, this, and that, then I’d be able to help myself, help my family, help my friends and perhaps then help a stranger, or contribute to a worthy cause. 

We’ve seen civilizations, countries, world leaders and individuals attempt to make a difference, and actually make a difference, only to be stifled, overthrown and knocked back down by the powers to be. We’ve seen false propaganda manipulate the masses. We’ve seen absolutism dominate those who lack education and resources, and we’ve seen those who just choose to be plain ignorant, remain ignorant.

All of these repetitive human habits only further perpetuate attempts towards dominance by force, fear, and the threat of an actual incursion, or mass destruction. 

We must open our eyes and start taking more notice of events that we don’t necessarily think affect us, and tune in to one another because we’re all connected one way or another. Often times when a catastrophic event occurs, isn’t it coincidental that we either have a friend, an acquaintance, a loved one, or know someone, who knew someone who was involved or impacted? With all the technology that exists in this day we must open up to world events, and quit ignoring what’s right in front of us. I know It’s hard to relate to starvation if you have food, it’s hard to relate to poverty if you have financial wealth, it’s hard to relate to fear if you’ve truly never been afraid. It’s hard to relate to peace when you’ve seen first hand, lived through, and experienced, or fought in war. It’s hard to relate to illiteracy or ignorance if your educated, and it’s hard to relate to hatred when your immersed and surrounded by love. It’s hard to relate to absolutism, when you have a plethora of choices, resources, questions and the knowledge to challenge and push your mind and explore limitless boundaries. 

Massacres, disease, starvation, poverty, discrimination, ethnic cleansing, homelessness, foreclosure, unemployment, power, greed, and the survival of mankind has been present for quite sometime, but life as we know it worldwide is seriously being challenged across the board on all levels. We just can’t seem to get along without attaching some condition to it. 

These conditions radiate through Capitalism, Communism, Socialism, and all religions.

 So the universal question I ask you is, How Do We Fix This? 

How can we come together on a universal accord that doesn’t secretly possess a hidden agenda to tip the scale in one direction or another. How do we move forward in a positive direction for mankind in the future? 

Why is it so important for us to spread or force democracy when some don’t understand it nor even want it. Why is it important for us to push capitalism if some want to remain communist. Whether you practice, worship, or study Islamic teachings, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Catholicism, or any other religion or your an atheist, why is it so important to push religious dominance when some have their own understandings and personal relationship with a higher source of omnipotent power and greatness.  

Why is it our choice or anyones choice to say whose right or wrong when each and everyone of us, is individually unique in our minds, our thoughts, and our being. 

We all need to strive to be the best human beings that we can possibly be. We have to truly show love, concern and compassion toward mankind, towards the future, and towards our overall existence. We have to embrace our planet and everything within it, starting with ourselves our children and everything around us and take responsibility. 

It’s not just about the American Dream or black lives, white lives, cops lives, or transgender lives, terrorists, immigration, refugees, or even aliens, because all lives matter!

Don’t get me wrong, as I’ve stated, I’m just as guilty at times, frustrated, fed up, and deeply saddened by many things just like the rest of us in this world, and those who know me, know when provoked, I’ve had a “Take Names & Kick A** Attitude” But I also know that doesn’t always fix the problem. I also believe the only reason we haven’t been ultimately attacked on U.S. Soil is due to all of the weapons and firearms us civilians possess and know how to use. Does this send a message of positive resolve or does it send a message of dominance? Do we give up our weapons and let our government protect us, or do we maintain our weapons as a secondary line of defense? Do we continue to attack, bully or ignore people in need who are desperate for resolve and ultimately will do what’s necessary to survive, even if it means war or victimizing and sacrificing you and me? Do we sit dormant and let someone else continue to make choices for us, or do we start communicating with one another and figure out a plan of action?  
“The man you defeat today withers in broken remorse, but he, his father, his brother, or his son, may eventually return becoming your greatest adversary, healed, confident, stronger, and immensely equipped, focused on revenge rather than resolution, while you lay dossal in a comforted state.” 
We all need help, and we all need each other. In the last 100 years we’ve discovered, created, and become more advanced to forward our existence, but yet we’re not smart enough to agree, or agree to disagree, or meet halfway. 

Human Life Existence is Symbiotic! 

Are we really this primitive that we can’t figure this out?

So once again I ask this question, because I really don’t know, How Do We Fix This? How can we come together on a universal accord and save ourselves, save each other, and respect and save our planet before one of us, (Because man has the Power) does something irreversible that ultimately kills All of Us! 

Our existence depends on it…..

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