A humble success, we are grateful.

This time last week I was on the other side of the world! I’m honored and so grateful for the experience, and I’d like to say thank you to Youbloom, and all of its staff and participating Venues, Artists, and Bands.
I met some incredible musicians and had some life changing experiences. I’d also like to thank The BloomFest for allowing me to perform at their annual festival and most importantly, I’d like to thank the people of Dublin, and all of Ireland for embracing me not only just as an African American Artist, but truly as a man!

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Ok there’s only one day left, 
Some of you are aware we’ve been selected as one of the few U.S Artist to perform in Dublin Ireland for the Youbloom Dublin 2016 Festival about two weeks from now June 2nd. There were 2 other festivals in the surrounding area we had the opportunity to perform at, but needed a little help with some lodging and transportation for myself and my band. We launched a Gofundme campaign and we’ve had a little success but unfortunately not quite enough, but this opportunity can still be saved with your help.  Continue reading

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