Ok there’s only one day left, 
Some of you are aware we’ve been selected as one of the few U.S Artist to perform in Dublin Ireland for the Youbloom Dublin 2016 Festival about two weeks from now June 2nd. There were 2 other festivals in the surrounding area we had the opportunity to perform at, but needed a little help with some lodging and transportation for myself and my band. We launched a Gofundme campaign and we’ve had a little success but unfortunately not quite enough, but this opportunity can still be saved with your help. 

Just Click this link:

BJ Smith’s Road to Dublin at YOUBLOOM 2016

Anything you can do will be a blessing, even if you just share this post. Thank you and I thank everyone who has participated in my campaign so far!
Help me keep real live music, alive and thriving around the world…….


#youbloomdublin2016 #ybdublin2016

Gofundme is an incredible way to raise funds for worthy causes. Help someone’s dreams come true, try gofundme!

Listen to samples from Real Life Issues here

  1. Nothing Come Between Us BJ Smith 1:21
  2. "Want Me For Me" BJ Smith 1:21
  3. "Tip Of My Tongue" BJ Smith 1:21
  4. "Angie" BJ Smith 1:21
  5. "Set It On Fire" BJ Smith 1:21
  6. "Settle Down" BJ Smith 1:21
  7. "Time To Cry" BJ Smith 1:18
  8. "If There Is Love - Acoustic" BJ Smith 1:21
  9. "The Otherside" BJ Smith 1:21
  10. "Sorry" BJ Smith 1:21
  11. "If There Is Love" BJ Smith 1:21