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CD’s are En Route!

I just wanted to let all my friends know that coming soon to, and at upcoming events, we will have some beautiful CD’s for sale.
I’m so proud to get my first solo release Real Life Issues printed up and in hand, and will be making it available here at the BJ Smith website by May 1st. Of course you can also download it at iTunes, Amazon, and many other places.
I really want to thank all involved with making this happen and you are all named inside the book, along with complete lyrics to all tracks.

Love & Happiness –


  1. Nothing Come Between Us BJ Smith 1:21
  2. "Want Me For Me" BJ Smith 1:21
  3. "Tip Of My Tongue" BJ Smith 1:21
  4. "Angie" BJ Smith 1:21
  5. "Set It On Fire" BJ Smith 1:21
  6. "Settle Down" BJ Smith 1:21
  7. "Time To Cry" BJ Smith 1:18
  8. "If There Is Love - Acoustic" BJ Smith 1:21
  9. "The Otherside" BJ Smith 1:21
  10. "Sorry" BJ Smith 1:21
  11. "If There Is Love" BJ Smith 1:21

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