Ok there’s only one day left, 
Some of you are aware we’ve been selected as one of the few U.S Artist to perform in Dublin Ireland for the Youbloom Dublin 2016 Festival about two weeks from now June 2nd. There were 2 other festivals in the surrounding area we had the opportunity to perform at, but needed a little help with some lodging and transportation for myself and my band. We launched a Gofundme campaign and we’ve had a little success but unfortunately not quite enough, but this opportunity can still be saved with your help.  Continue reading

Youbloom is a growing global community of musicians, fans, and industry professionals facilitating there passion towards music where they can learn, connect, and play. Youbloom believes in the immense possibility of everyone finding there voice and expressing it in a world where more and more Artists are able to sustain themselves in doing what they love! Continue reading


As I woke this morning and meditated before I started my day, I reflected on thoughts that have been affecting me that I wanted to speak about! 

My heart mourns not only for the current events in France, my heart mourns for other world tragedies and catastrophic events that are currently taking place right now, that were prevalent yesterday, last week, and last year but we’ve seemed to have forgotten about them today. Continue reading


Sunday night, I had the opportunity to attend the Michael McDonald Concert held at the City National Grove of Anaheim! Mr McDonald has been a truly inspiring and gifted Artist for over 4 decades. The Grove of Anaheim is such an incredible Venue to see any concert, but more importantly, I witnessed and experienced a consummate eloquent vocalist, musician, and songwriter, who’s craft is completely perfected!  Continue reading