20 Questions with BJ SMITH


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Check out this latest exclusive 20 question interview I did with @jasmsphere Jamsphere.com with the legendary Rick Jamm.

Rick is a Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars, mixing desks, and promising New Artist with great music!

Jamsphere is an independent music magazine and radio network that aims at discovering, promoting and divulging whom they consider top indie acts around the world, as well as tending  a watchful eye towards major music artists of particular interest. They look into and beyond the music, across platforms such as Reverbnation, Soundcloud, Datpiff and Bandcamp, checking out whom we consider the top indie players in all genres.

Please let me know what you think of this interview…….

Check it out:

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Listen to samples from Real Life Issues here

  1. Nothing Come Between Us BJ Smith 1:21
  2. "Want Me For Me" BJ Smith 1:21
  3. "Tip Of My Tongue" BJ Smith 1:21
  4. "Angie" BJ Smith 1:21
  5. "Set It On Fire" BJ Smith 1:21
  6. "Settle Down" BJ Smith 1:21
  7. "Time To Cry" BJ Smith 1:18
  8. "If There Is Love - Acoustic" BJ Smith 1:21
  9. "The Otherside" BJ Smith 1:21
  10. "Sorry" BJ Smith 1:21
  11. "If There Is Love" BJ Smith 1:21