BJ SMITH and Ruthie Burst on Youbloom TV

BJ SMITH with Ruthie Burst on Youbloom TV, discussing his continued participation in Soul/R&B and some past, present, and future endeavors!

“I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to join the Youbloom family, and participate and perform in youbloom LA 2015.
The networking, insight, and knowledge gained not only from fellow musicians, but from industry professionals as well was infinitely invaluable at this stage of my career! I also look forward to contributing sweat equity back into the youbloom cause to help Likeminded Artist like myself, to recognize their potential to accomplish anything and everything imaginable. Youbloom is on a Global mission of spreading musical awareness which parallels exactly what I’m doing and this year, whatever youbloom 2016 has planned from Dublin to LA and wherever else, I hope you’ll find me kickin the groove on stage with them. Thank you Youbloom”.